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Canary Artwork on HGTV

“I had a vision for the look and feel of my 250 sq foot tiny house. I am drawn to neutrals and black and white art, but my husband wasn’t quite sure about the lack of color in the house. Because of that, I had planned on bringing a small pop of color into the house through the artwork, but the minute I saw Canary in a Coal Mine’s pieces I knew I had to have one. I tried for a long time to choose something different, to get that color into the house, but I couldn’t. I spent a lot of time figuring out how else to bring color into the house just so I could have these pieces on the wall. It was worth it. I got the work onto my walls and I almost cried. It was exactly what I had been dreaming of when I thought about the space I was making my home. The two pieces I chose are the main focus in our home and a conversation starter with many people that come into our home.  I could not have chosen better. Not only is the artwork incredible, but working with the artist was beyond a blessing.”

Bekah Taylor Dreisbach, Portland, OR

Season 6 Episode 13 | Aired November 23, 2017| 20:13

A young couple wants a simpler lifestyle with a sleek modern twist. Their tiny house will incorporate a first-of-its-kind stucco-like exterior, a rooftop deck with a clever removable railing system and an even more clever hidden bike storage rack. Their open design includes tall windows that provide plenty of light, a tucked-away staircase with storage steps large enough for their dog to manage and a second-story “hammock floor” that gives guests a place to stay.

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