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I know purchasing art can feel intimidating, but I’m here to help you choose something you will love for a lifetime. We can talk about colors, emotions, budget, any aspect of your project you would like input on.


“The minute I saw Stephanie’s pieces I knew I had to have one. I got the work onto my walls and I almost cried. Not only is the artwork incredible, but working with the artist was beyond a blessing.”

— Bekah Dreisbach  Portland, OR

“Stephanie’s art is so captivating, from the way she creates her pieces with her own breath, to the care and technique she imparts to complete each piece. You see the true beauty of her soul in her art.”

— Romy Reich  Naperville, IL

“Stephanie’s one of a kind art astounds and confounds. One is immediately drawn to the mystery and intricacy of her emotions expressed across the canvas. Striking. Complex.”

— Blaire Lennane-Gordon  Los Angeles, CA

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