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A vivid emotional expression crafted into a collection of paintings—breathing life onto each canvas. I share my experiences because things happen in life that words can not express, this is why I breathe.

It’s extremely difficult to slowly lose grandparents to dementia.  The gift of it was unfiltered access to their intimate life stories. These paintings are my expression of feeling both the pain and the joy of the last ten years. The time of Severe Mercies.

As Seen On

Like what you see on Instagram? Here’s your chance to purchase a little something from canary for your home, office, or space. “Whatever and wherever that is…”  Volume One will only be available for a limited time. Click the link below to be one of the special few to own an “As Seen On Instagram” print.

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The Cure

A break from the black and white color palette of Severe Mercies. Exploring an array of vibrant colors and well how they mix with each one another. Click below to be notified when The Cure Collection is available.