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Hello! My name is Stephanie and I’m so happy you came to visit.

Wondering about the name “Canary in a coal mine Art”?

Canaries used to be taken into mines because of their sensitivity. If toxins started to pollute the air, canaries would stop singing, alerting the miners to danger they couldn’t see. I have that sensitivity.

This world can hurt. Badly. Being sensitive caused me to try to find ways to cope. Some ways that damaged me and people I love. Having another way to express my emotions, thoughts, and desires while refusing to fall silent has allowed me to take that sensitivity and turn it into my passion. A passion that is literally expelled onto canvas and shown to the whole world.

I was born in California and now live in Indiana with my husband and two children where I started painting in January of 2017. By April, frustration with paint brushes led to a meltdown I’m not proud of (cursing and throwing a toddler-level tantrum might have been involved) which led to a frustrated huff, which led to an interesting design. Inspired, I got to work. Realizing I could get closer to the designs in my mind with my breath than a brush has lead to these collections and a huge reduction in time spent with my counselor. Her name is Ann, you’d love her.

I want you to know that if you are struggling, you are not alone and you could be moments away from something wonderful and a healing you never saw coming. Ironically, it could even start with an embarrassing tantrum. Take your pain and use it to fuel your passion. Connect with other people. We need each other. Keep singing.

Pulse at Point Lobos: As seen on Tiny House Big Living – HGTV


A break from my signature black and white paintings, it explores the feeling that alludes me most often. Calm. Tentatively titled ” The Cure”  I am finding the color blue in all forms woven throughout. If you enjoy water, whether it’s ocean or stream, this collection is for you.

Meet the Artist

I create bold abstract paintings with my breath.

A self-taught artist, my work has been featured in Art Prize in Grand Rapids, MI, on the HGTV show Tiny House, Big Living and on wine labels as the winner of the Mallow Run Artist Series. My paintings are in privately held collections all over the United States, but my most cherished honor was when I won the window painting contest at the local Holiday Inn at age 10. I won a free overnight, got to play in the pool and had my first Shirley Temple. It was glorious.

Upcoming Events

I love sharing my paintings with the community.

Up close you get all the incredible detail and emotions. Each piece has a story. What it means to me, how it was conceived (if at all-sometimes painting is only instinct) and the really fun stuff, like mishaps along the way. The best part is hearing what it means to you.

Current & Upcoming Events

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