Prayer Requests

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I arrived home from my first international artist residency on March 9th, 2020. India had been the most inspiring time in my artistic life, between the colors, which had been a feast for the eyes and new friendships, which were a feast for my soul, I was overflowing with joy and optimism. The importance of connection to others had been driven home in a way that changed my heart forever.

Then the plane landed and it felt like emotional whiplash.

These paintings are my prayer requests.

Starting at 9am on February 5th you can see the collection at Peruse and purchase there until Feb. 26th. That is also the place to make an appointment to check out the collection in person (masked, please!).

There are days that I will be available to take you through the collection personally. Just request it when you make your appointment or email me at

I am so thankful for you.